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Peace, joy, happiness, acceptance is what everyone wants, especially children and teenagers.   How can a youth find peace, joy, and acceptance if they are being bullied?   Bullying can be defined as unwanted, aggressive behavior among school-aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. Kids who bully use their power, physical strength, and access to embarrassing information or popularity to control or harm others.   Bullying in never one time event and has a repetitive pattern.   According to one of the world’s leading researchers on bullying, 60% of boys who frequently bullied others in elementary school had criminal records by age 24.   This paper will address three problems and solutions associated with bullying.
What we learn in childhood carries with us throughout our lives.   Therefore, if a child becomes a bully in childhood this behavior will continue through adulthood.   As an adult, this behavior is much more serious because it can lead to a criminal record, employment problems, and relationship issues.   When teens are bullied anxiety and depression can start.   This kind of anxiety can cause a loss of concentration and interest in school, resulting in poor grades or a desire to drop out. Bullying leads to poor self-esteem, words that offend can result in how a teen and individual views themselves.   Being bullied may make a child or teen think this behavior is acceptable and start bullying or doing other kinds of violent actions.
One way of stopping bullying is through classes regarding the effects of bullying. The class should be for the bullies themselves and it should discuss the many negative results of this act on victims. Those who bully do so because experience pleasure in the feeling of superiority. Once bullies realize the outcomes of the action, hopefully cases lessen.
There should be a punishment in homes and schools for bullying.   Often it is thought that bullying is something that has been done for a long time and kids will get...


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