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Michael Moore

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Michael Moore Essay

      I totally disagreed with Michael Moore opinions that the school system failed us as people. My school made it fun for me to learn with all the activities like with sports, being popular among your peers, and just being a student athlete.
    Michael Moore points out in the essay that he had displeasure in school at an early age mostly in elementary. He was so bored doing school that he wouldn’t listen in class but instead did other thing. He pointed out strongly that due to the lack of resources he had in school failed him. Which leads to lack of education he gotten? I have a way different perspective on how public school is. In high school I had everything provided for me like computers, books, TVs etc. to help me succeed.
    I attended public school for 12 out of 13 years of my life, so I know a little bit about public school and how the educational path was. My high school had quiet places where students could study for quizzes/tests and also provided tutors so we could succeed to the best of our abilities. My hometown was only about 10,000+ people living in the area but we had libraries available so we teens could go when school was out to finish the papers we had to do or to study at. My classrooms made on average 25+ people in there so some kids would want to learn, others didn’t, so they just went to sleep, but for the ones who wanted to learn, the teachers taught us when we needed   help and for the ones who sleep she caught them up to speed with what we learned. My school was just that kind to do stuff like that.  
    On one side I agree with Michael Moore’s observation, but on the other side I disagree as well. I agree with his viewpoint about the resources he had and how they can impact the students’ education. When students are provided a functional setting where they can work and actually learn that allows a comfortable stability. It makes me learn better when I have assistance from a teacher that helps me...


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