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Loosing Loved Ones

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“HEAVEN” by Beyoncé

Thesis Statement: I chose the song   “Heaven” by Beyoncé, because it expresses my feelings towards losing my great grandma and uncle. Also, by showing my love towards them, and by showing my dedication I made for them.

Body Paragraph 1: In the song “Heaven” by Beyoncé, she talks about her feelings toward losing a loved one. When she said “ I fought for you the hardest, it made me the strongest” she saying she helped fight with the struggle the loved one had, it made her stronger seeing that person fighting for life. To me, I had hope in my great grandma and uncle, it made me stronger and happier seeing them push through this. When, it was coming closer to my uncle’s time, we helped him get his house restored, looking nice and pretty. I cried every time I went to see him, because that therapy was killing him. Then finally, one day my aunt (his sister) left to go to the store and his daughter was there and he told her he loved her and he died in her arms.

Body Paragraph 2: “ You showed me love was all you needed”. My great grandma said “ if don’t nobody love you child, I will and God will”. To this day I tell myself this, and then when I look at myself in the mirror, I can see her looking at me. During the summer of 2011 she had a severe case of ant bites, which hospitalized her for 2 months. After, that she was sent to a nursing home, because her children didn’t want her alone at home. In 2013, a Tuesday in May, she was taking her medicine and the nurse was talking to her she wouldn’t talk back so they rushed her to the hospital, and of course we all thought she was being stubborn and had an attitude (she always had one) but she had died. That broke my heart. But I still have dreams about her and I love and miss her dearly.

Body Paragraph 3: “ But heaven couldn’t wait for you/ So go on, go home” I always thought why take them from me, but I guess God had a special plan for them in Heaven. So he took them from me, and left me alone to...


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