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The Earth

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The Earth

October 4, 2014

What I learned about the Earth surprised me. I knew about global warming but had no idea about the causes of it, now thanks to this class I know the causes. I learned human activity is the main problem with global warming and climate changes. Since the 50’s human population is three times what it was then. I did think it was funny to find out there are countries paying women to have children, I must ask why with the population being what it is. It was interesting and scary to find out that if the world does not make changes and make them soon humans will be extinct. I did not like to hear that we will be losing some species on the Earth in the near future. Fracking has made some contribution to climate changes by polluting the air and water with waste and chemicals that ends up in the waters around the Earth. If it was not for the need humans have for government has the right to droll on private property seeking for resources. Water pollution, soil erosion and air pollution are the reasons the Earth’s climate is changing and causing global warming. The Earth is 4 billion years old and humans are only 200,000 years old but we have managed to damage the Earth more in the last 60 years than any other time through the life of the Earth. I learned everything on the Earth is linked was very disturbing knowing the ripple effect happening with the atmosphere. With two hundred million people on this planet we need to start figuring how to help the Earth so we can live longer. It is terrible the Earth is four billion years and humans are two hundred thousand years old and we have damaged it so bad.
We should start taking better care of the Earth the way it has taken care of us. If we do not change our ways it is my fear that humans will soon be unable to live on the Earth. It was interesting to find out that volcanoes are responsible for the earth’s atmosphere, I did not know that. We need to look at waters like the Dead Sea and the amazon...


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