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Financial Benefits of Bringing Your Lunch to Work

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Financial Benefits of Bringing Your Lunch to Work
Anita Philips
Professor Bretan
EDU 528
October 25, 2013

Financial Benefits of Bringing Your Own Lunch to Work

The topic in which I plan to discuss is the financial benefits of bringing your own lunch to work. This topic is very beneficial to me and my co-workers because in our line of work it is so easy for us to choose a drive thru while we are out in the field. Many of us use the excuse that we do not have time to come back to the office to have lunch from home. But once this presentation will outline the financial benefits and how much could be saved, many co-workers would probably bring their own lunch a few times a week. With Wlodkowski’s Five Pillars, expertise, empathy, enthusiasm, clarity, and culture responsiveness; I will be able to create a presentation which implements inclusion and diversity amongst my co-workers (Knowles, Holton & Swanson, 2012).
When creating the presentation the first pillar of expertise will be used because it is knowledge that I want to share with my peers. I understand how much money can be saved by bringing my own lunch by evaluation my bank statement and also be seeing how much money I had left at the end of the week. The next pillar of empathy will be shown by understanding the goals in which many of my co-workers are trying to achieve. The first exercise in which we will do before the presentation is for each co-worker to choose one financial goal they would like to achieve and share it with the group. With this practice the adult learners are using their own life experiences as a resource to learn from and to share within the learning environment (Knowles, Holton & Swanson, 2012).   With the third pillar enthusiasm my co-workers will be able to see how motivated and interested I am in this topic of discussion, because I personally believe and understand how much you can save in the process of bringing your own lunch to work. Financial experts state that...


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