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"Pain is merely weakness leaving the body." - Ldpende

Health Is Wealth

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If a person is not healthy, then he or she will find it very difficult to enjoy life. Balanced food, fresh air, exercise, good posture, plenty of rest, pure water, cleanliness, regular check-ups at the docture and dentist – all helps keep our body machines running as they should.

A fit person is also more resistant to illnesses. The simplest way of keeping fit is by exercising regularly. But the exercises must be vigorous. Secondly we have to watch what we are eating. There should be enough fibre, protein, fruit, vegetables and vitamins. And of course our bodies need water. Water allows our blood to flow through the blood vessels thus supplying the body with vital nutrients. We must drink about six glasses a day.

We have to get enough sleep. All of us know how cranky we can get if we do not have enough sleep. And what’s more – avoid stress, worry and tension, think positive! A bath or a shower every day is a good habit. It makes us clean but it also helps us to fall asleep better. Brushing our teeth is part of keeping clean.

The paramount problem right now are drugs, smoking and alcohol. These activities wtake a terrible toll on our bodies. A smoker has a perpetual cough that may lead to lung diseases or cancer. A drug-addicts body degenerates as his addiction grows. If he does not kick the habit, his fate is almost certainly to be a death.

Thus, if we do all that, we should be able to keep ourselves fit. Nobody likes to be weak and ill, for life is much more pleasurable when we are healthy.


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