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Strict Teachers

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Strict teachers
Category: 2011-2012
Written by 7B Chong Wing Chung Sunny
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There is a well-known Chinese saying which translates into English as “Strict teachers produce outstanding students”. What is your opinion? Write an essay giving three reasons to support your views on the saying. Provide a suitable title for your essay. 
Strict teachers are the nightmare of students
There is a growing number of people, especially parents holding a strong belief in a famous Chinese idiom “Strict teachers produce outstanding students”. They think that strict teachers help a lot in pushing students to strive for excellence. Indeed, what they trust, to a certain extent, is correct. However, our society nowadays requires graduates who are not only knowledgeable in academic fields, but also possessing good personalities. Can strict teachers produce students of such wonderful qualities? The answer is definitely no.
First and foremost, strict teachers make students afraid of making attempts and mistakes, thus leading to their loss of opportunities to learn. As we all know, strict teachers usually set extremely tight requirements for students, warning them of possible harsh punishment. Consequently, to avoid doing things wrongly and receiving punitive actions, students choose to give up chances of fighting against academic difficulties. For instance, it is reported that a strict teacher in Mainland China ridiculously charges students fines because of their unsatisfactory performance. Eventually, students escape from attending tests and exams to eliminate the risks of losing money. Based on this, we can actually see that despite the good aims of teachers to force students to do better, students simply cannot adapt to it and this results in adverse effects. No one will make zero mistakes throughout his or her life, so we should adopt a positive attitude towards mistakes and learn from them. Hence, strict teachers contribute to the decline in students’ confidence of...


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