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Speach Against the Slave Trade

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Speech against the Slave Trade
Slavery is inhuman, God has made everybody equal so who are we to create differences among human beings. Some of you may feel that Slavery is something very distant and has nothing to do with us, you may even feel that certain race is not like us at all. However that is not the case. We are all human beings, whether we are white, black or brown we should all be treated equally.
Many of you do not know about the horrors of what goes on in the ships and farms. African slaves have to travel for weeks, months and sometimes as long as a year without food cramped against each other at the bottom of the packed ships. They are tossed and thrown on top of each other like kettle. Some of the slaves were chained ankle to wrist, with barely any space to move and yet they are forced into hard labour on the ships with no reward and little food. These innocent people were treated even worse than animals. They are human beings exactly like us, so why should they be treated as slaves as they are entitled to the same rights as other race and colour.
We are all keeping slavery in existence simply by ignoring the conditions in which cotton, sugar or tobacco are produced as all of these African slaves were transported to work on large plantations, with little or no tools to work in the fields in scorching sun. They work all day from four in the morning with only a fifteen minute break and are not served much food during the day, this results in many young slaves dying. Children are taken away from their parents and in some cases children never see their parents. Imagine the pain and suffering these poor young children have to go through working day and night with no food leading themselves closer to death.
Slavery has brought nothing but shame to Britain, as a proud civil country we should not be taking part in such evil.
I want all of you to join forces so we push for a strong campaign against slavery in the parliament. We need to create...


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