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Essay Question 1:
International Law: The International Criminal Court wants to try a U.S. citizen for alleged war crimes. The U.S. protests; it asserts that the court lacks jurisdiction. Describe the validity of this assertion

Essay Question 2:
The Intersection of Law and Science: John is a mechanical engineer. He has designed a car which uses water rather than fossil fuel to run. Explain whether John's invention is eligible to be patented.
I feel that John’s invention is eligible to be patented because he came up with the concept of the invention, but he will have to go through USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) first to make sure that no one else has the same invention.
Essay Question 3:
Professional Liability: Attorney Riana prepares a will for her client Jones. After Jones dies, Jones's son, Ted, sues Riana because Jones did not minimize the probate process by creating probate avoiding devices in the will. Describe if Ted's suit will be successful.
Based on the question that was presented, I do not think that Ted’s suit will be successful because attorney Riana was unable to complete the will prior the Mr. Jones death.   Prior to the death of Mr. Jones the attorney was preparation of the will.   Attorney did not fell to complete her work because she did not have all the information that she needed to complete the task.
Essay Question 4:
Insurance: Grant, a construction worker, purchased a double indemnity option from his life insurance company. Several years later, Grant was seriously injured in a construction accident. Four months after the accident, Grant died as a result of the bodily injuries he sustained in that accident. When Grant's wife, the beneficiary, attempted to collect double the amount of the policy, the insurer informed her that she was only entitled to the original amount of coverage. Analyze the case.
Looking into this case Mrs. Grant is entitled to the original amount of the coverage is because the death of...


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