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Westphalia sovereignty is a traditional way of referring to sovereignty conception with the following characteristics: supreme political authority and monopoly over the legitimate use of force
within its territory, able of regulating movements within its borders,   free foreign policy choices, known by other governments as an independent unit entitled to freedom from any external intervention the content of the   and in the modern era rationale for the states has been increasing effort for the protection of individual rights
notion of sovergnty   is continustly changing especially now days especially with the changes to international system and international law the bounds states   to implement minimum standard of international law.

Responsibility to Protect doctrine, which was unanimously adopted by UN members in 2005. The doc- trine calls for intervention by the international community if a state fails to protect its citizens from war crimes, ethnic cleansing, genocide, and crimes against humanity.

Changing attitudes toward sovereignty are evident in the emerging norms of "sovereignty as responsibility," the "responsibility to protect," and the "responsibility to prevent," as well as in the work of international relations theorists in the liberal and constructivist schools. Unlike the realists, . . . who tend to view international relations as the a-moral, rational pursuit of narrow self-interest by rational unitary sovereign states, liberals emphasize interdependence and the possibility of coopera- tion, while constructivists stress the centrality of ideas as important for explaining and understanding international relations.

For humanitarian purposes, the belief that governments have a right, even an obliga- tion, to intervene in the affairs of other states under certain conditions has won advo- cates. This notion of global "responsibility to protect" has been advocated by former Australian foreign minister Gareth Evans, who counsels that our goal should be...


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