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Every society has its own principles that govern the daily lives of the people, their actions and how to live right. Ethics are a set of moral principles; especially the ones related to or affirm a specified group, field, or form of conduct (Landauer: 2001). Most people often confuse ethics with feelings, but being ethical is clearly not about following ones feeling, for feelings occasionally deviate from what is ethical in nature. As well ethics is not to be confused or mixed up with religion, even though religion advocates for high ethical standards, because if it was linked to it then only religious people would be considered as ethical (Velasquez: 2010). As much as religion can set high ethical standards and provide intense motivation for ethical behaviour, it is still not the same as ethics. Being ethical is also not similar as to following the law, for even though it incorporates ethical standards to which citizens are to follow. So just like feelings, the law can also divert from what is ethical in nature. Whatever society might accept should as well not be confused with ethics, even though most principles or standards of living that are there are ethical but standards of behaviour in society can divert. All in all, ethics can also be defined as well-founded standards of right and wrong that prescribe what humans ought to do usually in terms of rights, obligations, and benefits to society, fairness or specific virtues (Velasquez: 2010). Ethics often to refer to those standards that impose the reasonable obligations to refrain from evil doings like rape, murder or assault. On the other hand ethical standards are those that urge or push for virtues of honesty, loyalty and compassion, as well as those relating to rights like the right to life. The above standards listed are adequate for ethics for they are supported by consistent and well-founded reasons.
Ethics can also be defined as the study and development of one’s ethical standards. It is...


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