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Difference Between the Movie and Book Version of a Chrstimas Carol

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Difference between the novel and movie version of A Christmas Carol

In the novel, Scrooge’s partner is Jacob Marley who died 7 years before the story begins. But in the movie, Scrooge had two partners, the Marley brothers who both died 7 years before the story started. I prefer the novel version of only one partner for Ebenezer Scrooge. There are several reasons to support my idea. First, it makes more sense that Jacob Marley’s apparition first appeared on the doornail of Scrooge’s house, so that later its full apparition appeared in front of Scrooge at night. Second, it is more persuasive for one person to persuade Scrooge to learn from the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. As only one person was Scrooge’s partner, he must listen to his best partner’s words. Scrooge must have known Jacob Marley better than two Marley brothers so that he could believe in Jacob Marley than two partners.
I think the director made the change to the story because of these following reasons. First, there were a lot of singing parts in A Muppet Christmas Carol, it is more exciting for two Muppets to sing together. Second, the chains that surrounded the Marley brothers showed how much bad and wrong things they have done in their life. As there are two Muppets playing the Marley brothers, there must be a lot of chains that show how much bad things Scrooge’s partners have done. These are the reasons why I like the novel version and why the director made this big change to the story.

    In the movie version, A Muppet Christmas Carol, the director added a lot of singing and dancing parts for the Muppets that originally wasn’t in the book. I prefer the movie version of more singing and dancing parts.


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