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Magazine Analisis

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                                                                          Adverts analysis

In this evaluation, I will be talking about my 3 aftershave adertisments.i will be talking about the 3 adverts individually and analysing all of the different techniques that have been used and why, and also each different layout and why they have been put there on the poster/advertisement. The average target audience age for my adverts are from 18 to late 40’s, also these adverts will attract women to buy the aftershave because it’s usually the women who buy the them for their husband/boyfriend. Also women may think that if they buy the aftershave for the man, then the man might turn and get and become stylish. The model I have chosen is Bradley cooper, this is because women love him and this will entice them to buy the product for their fella. I have chosen to put the slogan ‘for those who know who they are

For my first advert I have tried to aim it at men between 20-40, I feel as if my advert does appeal to the target audience I have chosen an image that looks sharp and sophisticated, this is because I am aiming towards the upper class men, and this image will show who the product is aimed for. The image I have used of Bradley cooper is effective because it might represent a classy man. The pose that he is in suggests a smart and reflective person and not having to worry about anything. Also because of the pose that he is in, also this gives a down to earth feel; this has been incorporated into my work because of the answers that was given in my questionnaire. It think that the colours that I have used in the are effective in my advert because it suits the type of mood that I am trying to get across. And I feel as if that colour can distract people from what the main purpose of the advert is. The cityscape in the background gives the target audience the impression that it is meant for the smart and business type and for men that work and live in the city.
For my second...


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