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Are We Psychopaths?

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Are We Psychopaths?
“Psychopaths... People who know the difference between right and wrong, but don't give a shit”, said Elmore Leonard. The scary thing is we all know and have psychopaths already in our lives whether we like to believe so or not. There is no way of looking at a person and seeing if he or she is or isn’t a psychopath. It’s just not that simple. For all we know it could be the stranger right next to us, our best friends, our parents, and it could even possibly be ourselves. When we think of psychopaths we think of deranged serial killers with a bloody knife or axe, but the truth is not all psychopaths are these violent people we all see in the movies or as described by the news. There are many psychopaths that are in CEO positions of Fortune 500 Companies, in the entertainment industry, and unfortunately even in political positions. So there are many psychopaths among us, just not all of them are killers. As explained by Scott Lilienfeld and Hal Arkowitz in their article, “What a ‘Psychopath’ Means”, they explain how it is a myth that “All psychopaths are psychotic”. However that is not the case for Robert Fratta. In the television series 48 Hours in the episode, “Thou Shalt Not Kill”, they have a story about Robert Fratta, and his devious plan to kill his wife to try and get custody of his kids from his own wife, Farah Fratta. With the help of another article, “How to Tell a Sociopath from a Psychopath” written by Scott Bonn, we can go deeper into Robert Fratta’s psychotic mind. Robert Fratta is a psychopath because he has no care for the rights of others and used his ability to gain peoples trust to accomplish his goals of taking his kids. In the article, Donn States that one trait of a psychopath is “A disregard for the rights of others”. So what Donn is saying is that a Psychopath has no care in the world for anybody else’s rights but for himself. So essentially to a psychopath he has the right to do whatever he wants whenever he wants. For...


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