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You Real Identity

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Identity is the person’s origin. It is his footprints that tell who and where he is from. You see people everyday around you and you try to deduce to what country they belong to. But what does really form your identity? And what does it consist of?
Home, language, and religion are components that build the Lebanese identity. Home has always had a vital meaning to the Lebanese; I still even remember my mom’s word in my ear “ma fi metel beitak, matrah ma truh ekhertak hon” which means there’s no place like home, wherever you go it is your destiny at the end of the day.” But in fact home is not just a place for Lebanese people to sleep or shelter in it is their origin and place (Shadid, 2012. Page 96). It is where they came from, where their traditions and morals are gained, where the family meets every Sunday and definitely where families bond together transferring from grandpas and grandmas to grandchildren their beliefs.   It is a primitive starting for your identity to initiate its development. Shadid a well known reporter once said “Home, whether it be structure or familiar ground, is, finally, the identity that does not fade” (Shadid, 2012. Page 95).
In addition, religion shapes the identity. Lebanon, a small 10,452 km2 land compared to other countries, holds the most religiously diverse society in the Middle East, including 17 religious sections. In Lebanon, religion has always been an important aspect since people look at each other depending on their religions, where the love of the same religion and the hate of other religions implant, a very popular strategy used by the citizens. They never really accepted other religions completely, though they all invite to one god but you can always see them fighting about each other’s beliefs. In Beirut, you never fail to see churches all around, or hear Muslims prayers coming out of their temples or even Druze stars in front of their holy place. Yes, this is where the variety of Lebanese identities comes from.
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