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The Influence of High School

For most students entering high school can be an exciting yet challenging experience. Oftentimes many students are unprepared for the challenges associated with transitioning to high school. In order to assist students to cross with the challenges of high school and other personal dilemmas high school should provide more opportunities for students. High school counselors should focus on helping students by allowing them to access higher education in order to close the achievement gaps and reduce dropouts. My proposal is to increase the amount of counselors it will provide all students a fair access of counseling and investing in student’s education and providing everyone an equal opportunity to resources. In order to reduce the prevalence and the negative consequences that can result from them as well as to provide appropriate amount of counselors in high school which instills a better learning environment within the student body High school counselors could provide more support for college planning and transitions.   School counselors should specifically target underrepresented college students in order to encourage their career aspirations. In addition to assisting individual students, school counselors should address and remove barriers to higher education for first-generation college students, students of color, and those from lower socioeconomic background.
Importance of counselors:
High school counselors can encourage participation in college access and enrichment programs to support a successful transition to higher education. Exposure to university campuses and completing college classes allows students to view themselves as being capable of attending college. School counselors can assist students in incorporating these experiences as they develop a vision of pursuing higher education. Students who have traditionally been denied access to higher education also have significant barriers that hamper with their...


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