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Another Look at Daisy (Joan S Korenman) - the Great Gatsby

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Joan S. korenman:
"Only her hairdresser...another look at Daisy Buchanan"

In Korenman's article she is suggesting that Fiztgerald is portraying women as being difficult to understand due to a split personality. "Fitzgerald is very ambiguous about the colour of Daisy's hair" she says. At one point he describes her hair as "old yellowy hair" and then at another point he says "dark shining hair". Stereotypically we associate light, blonde women as innocent and angelic whereas dark hair is associated with being manipulative and dangerous. This leaves it up to us to determine which Daisy is.

Korenman suggests that Fitzgerald is saying that women have a split personality, due to Daisy's different hair colours. She suggests that Daisy is symbolising both Gatsby's ideal woman and also his downfall. Her hair changes according to the role she is taking on/what she is doing. "Lets Daisy symbolise both the fair and the dark women of Romantic literature" says Korenman.

Fitzgerald is stereotyping women as difficult to manage, vindictive and manipulative with their innocence and hidden mischievousness. Daisy sneaks around with Gatsby behind Tom's back, her dark haired personality. In the end, Daisy is Gatsby's downfall, she is mainly responsible for his death. This particularly shows women in a bad light, with her tempting "dark shining hair" "like a dash of blue paint across her cheek". However, when Daisy is being motherly her hair is said to be the same “old yellowy” colour as her daughter’s. When she is acting as a proper lady should, she is innocent and angelic.

In conclusion, Korenman is inferring that Fitzgerald portrays women is being mischievous and tempting.


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