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The Factors Affecting the Autoclave Price

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The factors affecting the autoclave price

The autoclave has a wide range of applications in industrial production,such as the production of aac block,concrete pipe pile, autoclaved lime-sand brick,autoclaved fly ash brick.The autoclave price is one of issues of common concern,for it directly affects the budget of a company,in this text,we will introduce the   factors affecting the autoclave price for your reference.

The effective length of autoclave

The autoclave of longer effective length is expensive than the short ones.

The opening ways of autoclave

The autoclaves of traditional side opening way needs a large occupancy area,they are relatively cheap,little users choose them now.The autoclaves of top opening way saves the opening space,reduces the space cost,but the autoclave increases the weight box,the price is relatively higher.

The automation degree of autoclave

The autoclave of manual opening is the cheapest and most cost manpower,the autoclaves of pneumatic and hydraulic opening are equipped with a full set of computer automation control systems,completely realize the operation of automation,saves the manpower costs for users,so they are relatively expensive.

The number of autoclave door

The autoclave has two types:through type (open at both ends) and proximal type (open the door at one end),the autoclave of two doors suitable for users has large field and enough budget,it saves the time in and out of the kettle,has high production efficiency,while the latter is on the contrary,the users can choose according to the need.

The operating pressure of autoclave

The maximum working pressure of autoclave decide the autoclave wall thickness,the autoclave of thicker wall naturally has higher price.Therefore,the higher the operating pressure,the higher the price.

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