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Biggest Challenges Young Adults Face Today

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The Biggest Challenges Young Adults Face Today
A. General purpose
The general purpose is to inform my audience.
B. Specific purpose
To inform my audience of the challenges young adults make.
C. Central idea
In today’s world the challenges of staying healthy and physically fit are getting harder.
I. Introduction
a. Young adults face the problem of increasing drug and alcohol abuse in the society.
b. Unemployment is another problem facing the young adults especially after the global economic downturn.
c. Young adults are facing obesity more now than ever.
II. Body of the presentation
a. The problem of Drug and Alcohol Abuse
i. Because of the demands and frustrations in the contemporary world, many young adults find themselves engaged in excessive alcohol consumption and drug abuse. This has compromised their health and contributed to development of other antisocial behavior.
ii. Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Research Foundation, Toronto; Facts about Opiates 1991; emedicine medscape
      b. The problem of the Increasing Unemployment
i. Due to the economic recession, many young adults have had to contend with layoffs and this has increased the problem of unemployment. Research indicates that the recession mainly affected the young adults, most of whom did not have vast experience in their areas of specialization.
ii. Christopher Ryan from Young Adult Money
    c. The problem with obesity in young adults
i. Young adults are struggling with turning to food for comfort during the increasing unemployment time and the easy access to fast food which is increasing the obesity rate.
ii. Lee Standberry “Top Tenz”
      III. Conclusion
With the way today’s society is, young adults face many challenges with drugs and alcohol, increasing numbers of unemployment and fighting obesity rates. It is very important to seek help right away and keep a positive attitude for a better future all around....


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