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The Classification of Coal Fired Steam Boiler Fuel

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The classification of coal fired steam boiler fuel

In the process of industrial steam supply,the coal-fired steam boiler is widely used,the boiler uses the fossil fuel coal,so the type of coal is an important index to influence the complete combustion of fuel,so the boiler users need to understand the classification of coal fired steam boiler fuel,that will be introduced in the following sections.

Anthracite coal

It is the coal of the deepest coalification degree,which has bright black gloss and high hardness,is easy to grind.It has high carbon content,less impurity and high calorific value roughly 21000-25000 kJ / kg,but due to the low volatility,it is difficult to ignite.

Lean coal: its volatile content is slightly higher than anthracite, its fire, burn characteristics superior anthracite, but still a poor combustion characteristics of coal.

Lean coal

Its volatile content is slightly higher than that of anthracite coal,its burning property is better than that of anthracite coal, burning,but the lean coal still belongs to coal of poor combustion characteristics.

Bituminous coal

The coal has the moderate degree of coalification,it has higher volatile content,less moisture and ash content,higher calorific value.Bituminous coal has low ignition point,is easy to fire and burnt out.But some low-grade bituminous coal of higher ash content has poor combustion characteristics.


The appearance of lignite is brown,a few is black or black-brown,it has high volatile content,which is conducive to fire.But it has high ash and moisture content,low calorific value,generally less than 16750kJ / kg,the lignite containing high moisture has poor combustion performance,and the ash melting point is low.

These are the introduction of coal fired steam boiler’s coal types,ZG coal-fired steam boiler adopts the push-pull type gate soot cleaning device,the gate has the heat-resistant cast iron   finishing seal structure,so as to...


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