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No Angel

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A: No Angel.

Losing a beloved one can be very painful and for most of us on the earth it can be really difficult to overcome the pain. On the one hand we would like to forget them and move on with our lives. On the other hand we try to remember them, and think of all the good memories you had together. It is difficult to forget something that once gave you so much to remember. People react in different ways. The loss of beloved ones can be so painful that people might start seeing them and talk to them even though they are already dead. Some people create the lost ones inside their own head. Our main character experiences this situation herself in the short story. The short story is told in first person narrative. The whole story is seen through our main characters eyes.
The composition is jumping in time with flashbacks and flash-forwards. The author starts the short story in media res, where the story starts in an important event.
In this first event our main character is meeting her father for the first time after his death. Here he appears in the bathroom chattering with his daughter. This is happening from line 1-23.
The second time our main character meets her father is in the train on the way to Belfast. This event is happening from line 24-38.
The third time our main character meets her father, they are arguing about Annie‚Äôs relationship with Thomas. The father asks if she is going to marry him. Her father is against the marriage because Thomas is protestant. He is against this because in their family they are catholic.   This event is happening from line 39-67.
From line 68-128 there is a flashback where introduction to her family is. The main character has been through a lot of dead in her life which is introduced in the flashback. The main character brother Robbie, her mother and her father dies in this flashback. Her brother was killed from a car accident says the coroner, but the father thinks the protestants did it and that is also why he...


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