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For my paper I have chose to write about when I moved to Ohio from Florida. Here is my story of the way culture changes no matter where you go. The differences in culture, interactions, and customs were extremely different.
I moved to Pataskala, Ohio when I was six years old. I know it doesn't seem like I was old enough to notice or understand what was going on, but I was different from most kids my age. My parents had separated and decided that it would be a good idea for my sister and me to move to Ohio to be with my mom and her family. I was extremely upset because I was leaving my friends, family, and my father behind in Loxahatchee, Florida. I never even expected Ohio to be much different. I obviously knew the weather was going to be changed, but how different could the people be? We all lived in America, so why was everybody so different than me and my family? This is when my mom explained to me the ideas of culture. I was little so I didn't completely comprehend what culture meant, but I got the general idea.
Everyone in Ohio to me talked funny. I was raised saying soda, vacuum, clicker, and couch. But here I heard pop, sweeper, remote, and sofa. The dialect here was so odd and different. People not only said words different but pronounced worlds different as well. I just remember hearing people speak and saying what does that even mean? We lived with my aunt and uncle for a few months when we moved her so we could find somewhere to live. While we were living here she asked me to sweep the living room. So of course I grabbed a broom and started to sweep the room. She walked up to me and started to laugh so hard. Thats when she said I didn't mean that kind of sweeping, I meant to use the sweeper. I looked at her and said this is a sweeper aunt Julie. You sweep with a broom?   She pointed to the vacuum and told me thats what she meant. I got so confused because I felt like everything I was taught was wrong. I was stunned and confused.
Pataskala, Ohio...


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