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Socialization Paper

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Foundation of Psychology/201

February 15, 2015
Nicole Cupp-Herring

      Social psychology is a profession that attempts to explain the characteristics and circumstances of the particular behavior and thought of a person in a group situation. Social psychology studies the processes in which our beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors are affected by the group settings in which we live. Social interactions help to develop what we are and how we respond to various situations. The factors influencing social interaction are a broad range of social, cognitive, environmental, cultural and biological factors.
      As a matter of fact, social interactions help to develop what we are and to what degree how we function in various situations. Socialization is an important process to learn because when we interact with other people, we arrive at conclusions about the social world. Since, everyone does not belong to the same religion, support the same political parties nor do they dress the same way or speak the same language, social psychology through scientific methods identify factors that shapes human feelings. As a result, the socialization process provides people with different experience and perspective on what may be right, wrong, and acceptable or not and how people treat each other. For instance, prejudice stems from social inequalities, social divisions, and emotional scapegoating. As well, aggressive behavior is also learned through social interactions and observations.
      In addition, different types of social environments encourage the development of various responses. For example, family, school, peers, neighbors, friends, religious influences, and media all help to define a person’s behavior.
      Equally important, conformity relates to an individual's behavior that is done as a result of group influence even if that pressure might not involve a direct demand. Many people want to believe that they are...


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