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                                                  Chapter 1 Anatomy and Physiology Summary
                                                                              By Dennis Kelly

    This chapter defines and contrast the anatomy and physiology and discusses how the human body is organized into three essential concepts the complementary the rarity of structure function, the hierarchy structural organization and homeostasis. Anatomy is a broad field with many subdivisions. Gross or microscopic anatomy is the study of large body structures visible to the naked eye. Regional anatomy structure in particular to the region of the body such as muscle, bones, blood vessels ect. Systemic anatomy body structures are studied system by system. Surface anatomy entails study of internal structures as they relate to underlying skin surface. Microscopic anatomy deals with the structures too small to be seen with the naked eye. Some subdivisions of microanatomy anatomy include: cytology and histology. Developmental anatomy traces structure changes that occur in the body throughout the life span from embryology development anatomy changes that occur before birth.
    Physiology often focuses on events at the cellular and molecular level. Physiology has many subdivisions most on the operation of specific organ systems. Renal physiology concerns renal function and urine production. Neurophysiology explains the workings of the nervous system. Cardiovascular physiology explains the operation of the heart and blood vessels. Physiology revealed some bodies dynamic and animated workings It also discusses principles of physics. Which help to explain electrical currents, blood pressure and the way the muscles use bones to cause body movements.
  Next this chapter speaks about the levels of structural organization the as simplest level of structure organization is a chemical level at this level atoms to build tiny building blocks of matter that combine to form...


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