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The Doctor a Film Analysis

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The Doctor – A Film Analysis

The movie the doctor tells the story of a very sarcastic doctor named Jack Mackee who finds out that he has throat cancer and tells the story of how his cancer turned his whole life around. This movie shows how important relationships are no matter if they are with a stranger or your spouse. Before Jack found out he had cancer he had a good life he was a surgeon and married with a son. Jack is very sarcastic and takes this sarcasm into his job as a surgeon. Some doctors might say that Jack is in a way insensitive. This is shown from the opening scene where Jack is in the surgery room performing a surgery on a man that fell from 5 stories. Jack performs the surgery then says, “Next time go from ten give me a challenge”. Then him and his partners are playing a song and singing and laughing. Jack is then asked by a fellow surgeon who they call ‘The Rabbi” he would look over his surgery to see if he did the right thing. This also shows a side of Jacks personality that is very mocking and mean because they call this doctor The Rabbi because he is Jewish. When Jack walks in to this room Rabbi is talking to his patient who is sedated and Jack mocks him for this. This is just two examples of the sarcasm of Jack. Jack and his wife Anne have a very strange relationship. They love each other and you can tell that by watching them but they struggle and are very distant from each other to. Jack and Anne are very close and they only really share personal facts in the bed together but other than that they seem very distant. Jack is rarely at home because he is always working at the hospital this makes him very distant from his wife and his son. Jacks son does not really like his dad or think that much of him. This is shown when Jack come home early from work one day and his wife Anne tell his son to talk to his father so the son runs to the phone picks it up and hangs it up and says mom he disconnected. Another time this is shown is when Jack...


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