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Marriage and Purpose

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  a. Firstly is to create companionship and overcome personal loneliness.(Gen.2:18-20). When Adam was created, he had birds and animals all around him, other created beings were named by him, but he was lonely, no one like him who was to be a suitable helper was around. This tells us that other creatures of God cannot satisfy the loneliness of having no woman around you. If God had wanted to create another human being, he would have created a man too, but God in his wisdom knew that male and female makes a good companionship and brings a satisfaction that two men cannot give themselves. Any marriage where there is no companionship, love, and togetherness and understanding between the man and the woman has moved away from the original purpose of God and is likely going to have problem.
  b. For the enjoyment of sexual relationship (Gen. 2:19, 4:1). The second important and uncompromising reason for marriage is for sexual enjoyment. The reason for a man to have a wife in marriage is to have a sexual partner and enjoy Gods special gift of sex. A marriage union that has sexual problems has failed in the original plan of God for them. If there is no marriage, no sex and if there is no sex, there will be no marriage. God is the originator and creator of sex, He created it and gave it to man as a free gift for his wife. The woman was taken from the ribs of a man. Their special peculiar human sexual organs were divinely created to accommodate and satisfy each other. Sex is a wonderful and enjoyable pleasure between two lovers in a planned and peaceful marriage. Animal also have the male and female genders, it is God’s plan and will for everyone in marriage to enjoy it. The two bones and flesh of the sexes join together for perfect physical and spiritual unity. Sex should be a priority in any marriage. Denial of sex to each other in marriage is a transgression against God’s original plan.
To multiply and replenish the earth (Gen.1:28; Matt....


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