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Single Parent

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Portfolio Project: Single Parent Stress

Being a parent its hard work in itself. However being a single parent it is multiplied. In the paper I will explain the stress of finances, discrimination, work load, and guilt that is put on a single parent.

Single Parent Stress
Physics defines stress, as pressure, or a force. We may feel crushed by the weight of a huge decision, or stretched to the point of “snapping” (Rathus 2013). Psychologists define stress as the demand on an organism to adapt, cope or to adjust to stress (Rathus 2013). Sometimes stress can be a form of healthful stress. Healthful stress keeps you on your toes so to speak. This is called eustress (Rathus 2013). However intense or prolonged stress, such as financial hardship can hinder one’s ability to adjust. This can effect a person’s mood (Rathus 2013). Finances, work, social life, and guilt are just a few of those everyday hardships that everyone faces, but being a single parent they are greatly multiplied.
Everyday Hardships
Parenthood is full of tons of good and bad. However these ups and downs are multiplied when you are a single mom or dad. With a dual family at least there is time for to take a shower or even escape even if it is only for a few minutes. But as a single parent, that is sometimes not an option. When you are a single parent you find yourself having to do both roles of keeping the house functioning, and the money coming in. These everyday events are very stressful. However there are a few things that you can do to help reduce the everyday stress of being a single parent.
It’s hard being a parent in general, but begin a single parent can be even harder. A single parent needs an amazing support system to help them out. Anything from watch the kids while an errand needs to be run, work, or just a few minutes to breathe. Single parents sometimes feel they need to do it all, like they feel guilty for the situation, and they don’t want to ask anyone for that help...


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