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Pakistan Is the Land of Oppertunities

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Now a days unemployment level is rising day by day in our country and due to the increase in unemployment a large number of people are facing financial crisis.

The situation is going worst day by day and the Government is still quiet and not solving this terrible situation. Our brilliant beaurocrates and policy makers are not planing to solve this aggressive situation.

Due to load shedding, industrie's performance is going worst day by day. Workers are in dispute with management about their pays .In short, Government does not doing any thing for a common man whether they came into the power just because of the common man.

It doesn’t mean that Pakistan donot has opportunities for employment, although a great number of our youth have a pessimistic approach. they think that if they have a master degree now job will come at their door step but I think, they must have the optimistic attitude and they must show their inner capabilities rather than waiting for some aid.

More and more they should be workaholic and should be hardworking and should reach to their goals with full devotion. But I feel sorry to say that our society's mind set has raised this type of attitide among the people.“self Reliance” is a basic need of nation. We have to depend on ourselves not on our parents and not on others.

Why it is happening and who is responsible for all this situation??? Infact our way of brought up and society setup made us dependent on others. the one who get M.A degree, during his study duration completely depends upon their parents support and finally at the end of the day he can not find his job.He/She thinks that the opportuinties will come on their door step without doing nothing.

On the other hand Europe is a dominant state why?? Because their people's belief and self reliance is very strong, they really do work hard along their study period and fulfill their expenditure themselves. But in our country worthless approach oriented people do nothing they...


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