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Helping Hand

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Helping Hand  

It was the rainy season and on that day it was raining torrentially. I had gone to school and after my classes were over I was returning home in the rain.
I was nearing home, all drenched inspite of having an umbrella. As I was enjoying the rain and proceeding towards home, I was   an old woman standing on the road getting drenched completely, she was very cold and bent with age. She had white hair which she wore in a bun. She was wearing a dirty saree which was completely wet. She was trying her best to save herself from the rain but she was unable to do so. There were many people who were passing by but no one looked at her or tried to help her. When I saw her struggling to protect herself, I felt very sad. I went to her and asked her what her name was. She did not answer anything and tried to avoid me. I did not stop so easily. I tried to assure her that I was going to help her. I held my umbrella over her head and she gave me a smile of thankfulness. I told her that she did not have to stand in the rain any longer and decided to take her home so that she could get some relief. I coaxed into following me home. She did not want to come with me and proved troublesome. I forcibly took her and when I reached home, I told my mother about her. My mother listened to everything and agreed with me. She was impressed with what I had done. She made the old lady wash herself and gave her dry clothes to wear. The old lady thanked my mother and changed her clothes. My mother also gave her food to eat which she ate hurriedly and hungrily. After having the food she felt relaxed and wanted to take some rest. After taking my mother asked a few questions about her whereabouts. She hesitatingly said she had a son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren at home. She lived with them happily. Recently there was a quarrel at home with her son. She was so disheartened and angry that she came away from home. My mother had a long discussion with her and tried to convince her...


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