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All About Me

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Hello Dr.Derr,
      My name is Alaychia Scott, and I am a freshmen in college. I graduated from Riverdale High School with the class of 2014. I was born and raised in Savannah, GA, just a small little city filled with southern hospitality. Then when I was about seven years old, I moved to Atlanta, GA because my mother was offered a better job and it was more opportunities.  
        For a long time I enjoyed being the only child. Now, though, I have eight siblings, four sisters and four brothers. On my mother’s side, I have a little sister named Ashton who is two years old. On my father’s side, I have three sisters and four brothers: Taylor, 21; Jada, 16; India, 15; Reggie18; Jaiden, 15; Aiden, 4; and Austin, who is 5 months old. Yes, I know that is too many to keep up with. Sometimes I even lose count.
        My hobbies are singing, eating, and being on my phone. I love to sing because it makes me happy, and my family is full of beautiful singers. I love eating because food makes me happy, and I just love to eat.   I love being on my phone because it keeps me company and gives me something to do on my spare time. Also, another reason why being on my phone is a hobby because I love to get on social networks and play the new games that come out.
              Currently, I am not employed right now, but I’m hoping to be employed soon. I would love to work somewhere fun and somewhere that deals with kids. In my past, I worked at a beauty salon in Atlanta which name is Trendsetters Beauty Salon. My job there was to give shampoos to all of the clients that came in and place them under the hair dryer. I really enjoyed the experience, but I really didn’t like the job position that I had.
    Finally, my life goals are to graduate from college with my masters or associates degree in Early Childhood Education, become an elementary teacher, and maybe one day be married. I want to become an elementary teacher because I love working with children, and teaching them...


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