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Maintain Legal and Ethical Workassignment 2

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Maintain Legal and Ethical work practices
                                                                    Assignment 2
Q1. Discuss how the organisation ensures clients rights are protected   .
A1. The organisation ensures client rights are protected by following policies and procedures pertaining   to the rights of clients, this includes guidelines about what information can be shared and with whom, we have a process for seeking client approval to share the information and we have a secure information storage system.
Q2.   Discuss   how   the   organisation   encourages   workers to clarify and fulfill duty of care responsibilities.
A2. The organisation has frequent training days where new legislation is tabled and any changes to   duty   of   care   obligations   are   clarified   , if any worker is unsure of their duties they are encouraged to ask questions in order to better understand what duty of care entails .
Q3. Discuss two potential ethical issues in this organisation and discuss how the organisation would ensure the maintenance of ethical work practices with these   issues   .
A3. Discrimination can be an issue our workers must act in a   non-discriminatory   manner towards parents, children and other workers , grounds for discrimination include , race, gender, ethnicity, age, colour, marital status, sexual orientation and religion.
      Privacy is another important issue,   no-one should have access to the information of others, for example, if a parent was to ask a worker private details about another child , the worker should recognise that telling the parent this information would contravene ethical standards , all files are kept in a locked facility away from public view.
Q4. List the key statutory and regulatory requirements related to community service workers in this   organisation   .
A4.   Children     and   young   persons   (   care   and   protection     )   regulation   2012.
        Child   protection     (   working   with   children   )...


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