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Hitler Became Chancellor in June 1933 Because He Was Leader of the Most Popular Party in Germany? How Far Do You Agree?

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To begin, I believe that despite that the Nazi party was indeed the most popular party in Germany it was not the sole reason for Hitler becoming chancellor in June 1933. The Nazi's had the highest number of seats and votes in both elections in 1932 and this is conclusive evidence that the Nazi's were the most popular party in Germany at the time.

However, the Nazi's only became popular like this because of the Wall Street Crash and Great Depression that followed. When the Wall Street Crash occurred it had a sever effect on Germany as the loans that America was providing Germany with were no longer being given out, this had a crippling effect on Germany's economy. Unemployment in Germany spiked from 8.5% to nearly 30% in three years between 1929-1933. In desperate times such as this, a large amount of the public switched to extreme anti-democratic parties such as the Communist party and the NSDAP. There was a direct correlation at the time that as unemployment rose, the Nazi Party gained votes for example, at the end of 1932, there were 6 million people unemployed and the NSDAP's vote spiked to 17 million votes. This proves that the Wall Street Crash and recession that followed caused Hitler's party to be the most popular in Germany. Another factor which made the Nazi's the most popular party was the fear of Communism. In 1917 there had been a Communist revolution in Russia, ordinary Germans, particularly farmers and businessmen, were frightened of the Communists taking over their country. Hitler vowed to fight Communism and this gained a vast amount of support from businessmen, factory owners and landowners.

On the other hand, one big reason why Hitler became chancellor in June 1933 was because of his personality. Hitler had a genuine talent for public speaking and he was able to make the German people and Hindenburg that he could be trusted to help to make Germany a great nation. Hitler was a powerful and inspiring speaker and he instilled hope into he...


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