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Throughout many obstacles faced by many different countries, immigration has been enormously expanding and many people are immigrating for different purposes. Various causes may lead to such solution, but depending on the situation of the country they are leaving from. Mainly, people immigrate because of better job opportunities offered, lack of safety, and better lifestyle and education.

There are many factors that lead to immigration.First of all,better job opportunities leads to immigration. Job opportunities provided in other countries attract strangers because of better pays and provide many other privileges. Moreover, jobs that get them better and more advanced experience with better job life. Another reason why people immigrate is because of lack of safety. Lack of safety may cause many effects like psychological affects that may lead to many other problems and fear of living in the country. Finally,better lifestyle and education play a huge role in increasing the rate of immigration.People search for better lifestyle and better education for their kids. Also, students may immigrate for well educated universities in different countries with advanced education not found at their home country.

The causes mentioned above result in fatal consequences.First of all,wealthy life and being happier result in immigration. Immigration could make a person's life better and less complicated life. Furthermore, because of the better provided opportunities that makes their education people around the world get attracted to immigrate to such countries, for example the UAE .In Addition to being happy immigrants are more comfortable and feel safer.The safety in a country, makes an improvement in being comfortable in the new place rather than feeling unsafe and risk.Last but not least,immigration gives you an advanced education and a better health.     Many people immigrate for better health and education. Furthermore, people get satisfied by the enormous...


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