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What Way Has Sociology Chaged over Time

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1) Identify and briefly explain three ways in which women may be disadvantages by religion today.
Women may be disadvantaged by religion today as Marxists and feminists both argue that religion can be an instrument of domination and oppression. Giddens also argues that ‘The Christian religion is a resolutely male affair in its symbolism as well as its hierarchy’, this shows that women have a disadvantage in religion as they are being mistreated due to men getting higher up jobs in some religions such as Christianity.
Furthermore women are disadvantaged by religion as women are given the false belief that they will be compensated for their sufferings on earth by equality in heaven, therefore they take the brunt from the men after a hard day of work as they believe they will go to heaven for doing this, when there is no proof.
Finally, Mary Daly argues that there is a sexual caste system which is patriarchal and exploitive of woman, therefore this shows that there is a patriarchal religious ideology which benefits men at the expense of women.
  2) Assess the view that Britain has become a secular society
A secular society means a society that is run on a non-religious basis, it must simply maintain a separation of powers between the religious establishment and the civil institutions. It can be argued that Britain has become a secular society as David Voas argues that secularisation in the United Kingdom is inevitable as commitments are ‘fuzzy’ and have no relevance in our lives. He believes that ‘fuzzy faithful’s attach no importance to church and that is it a phase before complete secularisation. An example is the separation of the church and the state, as the church does not have control of the education system nor does it have control over the now capitalist economy. It could be said that religion is no longer part of our cultural preoccupations, fewer people come into contact with the church hence there is a decline. (Wilson 1982) For example, Anglican and...


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