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Marxism in Hamley

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Shakespeare’s Hamlet presents a fictional tale in which he provides a critique of the social hierarchy in early modern England. The corruption present throughout the upper class supports the idea that because of their status, they tend to abuse the power they have. There is a definite boundary separating the high class and the lower class. Inevitably, this scenario happens in most societies, the high class is treated in a better way than the lower class. If the member of the higher class makes a mistake, they are forgiven and others might act as if their actions are not as serious since they are nobles.
The social pyramid presented in Hamlet is not intended to be lost in the background of Shakespeare’s play, but it is a critical examination of society. The scene with Hamlet and the gravediggers is an acute commentary of the class hierarchies of Hamlets time. As a result of many factors, the gravedigger does not experience any psychological or emotional attachment to those that have passed away. Initially, Hamlet is unable to grasp the claims of the gravedigger, but as the scene advances Hamlet becomes involved in the comedic scene.
Being aware of the social norms of the theater, those viewing the play may consider Shakespeare’s presentation to be a commentary on the social hierarchy. Suzanne Hull asserts, “Class was the key. Court and clergy both tried, by statue and sermon to persuade men and women [as to]…What was acceptable for courtiers was not acceptable for the middle class”. In a time where class struggle and separation were prevalent, Shakespeare is questioning the relevance of social hierarchies in the face of death. With the leveling of social standing in death, as seen in Hamlet, the class structure allows those that are in power to feel important and to reassure their position in society because they are afraid of class mobility occurring. This anxiety causes the creation of the sumptuary laws to occur under Queen Elizabeth.
Hamlet presents multiple...


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