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Is the Appreciation of Pictures a Special Faculty with a Few People Can Poses

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Is the appreciation of pictures a special faculty which only a few can possess?
Our life seems to be impossible without art. It really occupies an important part in our daily life. Art offers us not only pleasure and amusement but it is also a vehicle of culture and education. Art penetrates into all spheres and sides of our life and makes it brighter, richer and more intellectual. People like and know different types of art. Some of them are fond of painting.
Painting is one of the oldest and most important arts. The paintings that artists create have great value for humanity. They provide people with both enjoyment and information. Paintings also teach. Some reveal what the artist felt about important subject, including death, love, religion, and social justice. Other paintings tell about the history of the period during which they were created. They provide information about the custom, goals, and interests of the people of past societies. Paintings also tell about such things as the building, clothing, and tools of the past. Much of our knowledge about prehistoric and ancient times comes from painting and other arts, because many early societies left few or no written records. It would be hard to find a subject that no one has ever tried to paint. Artists paint the things they see around them-people, animals, nature, and nonliving objects. They also paint dreamlike scenes that exist only in the imagination. An artist can reach back into the past and paint a historical event, a religious story, or a myth. Some artists paint pictures that show no clear subject matter at all. Instead, they arrange the paint in some abstract way that expresses feeling or ideas that are important to them.
People enjoy painting for many reasons. They may think a painting in beautiful. People may like the colures that the painter used or the way the artist arrange d the paint on the surface. Some paintings interest people because of the way the artist expresses some human emotion,...


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