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Peter Mansbridge Discusses with Adrienne Clarkson

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In CBC TV show, Peter Mansbridge discusses with Adrienne Clarkson about the role of Canadian, the impacts of immigration and aboriginal people, and the importance of public broadcasting. Mansbridge first asks a question about the difficulty of defining Canadian. Clarkson answers him that Canada is a country where contains a lot of people from different culture, religion and background. As a result, there is no standard identification. Also, Canada has no myth. In other words, it means that there is no one in Canada makes up thing. On the other hands, Clarkson talks about Canada is a country where kindly accepts immigrants. When people go to Canada, they become permanent residents, not aliens, which demonstrates that Canada is able to accept things. Clarkson also talks about how aboriginal people affects Canada. She says that it is a problem if Canadians do not understand aboriginal and non-aboriginal people. In fact, many aboriginal people have professional jobs nowadays because they are well-educated. That is, aboriginal people occupy important roles in Canada’s future, and Canadians should know how to deal with them.   Clarkson also mentions that public broadcasting is extremely crucial. The reason is that public broadcasting is a channel which people can be enlightened, educated and entertained. Because of public broadcasting, people can keep learning different things, and people can call in opinion for that things. If people cannot deliver things to public, the things are not existed. At last, Mansbridge asks Clarkson what is Canadian. Clarkson answers that a Canadian is an individual who believes people are existed, and offers spaces for the people to live in.
Adrienne Clarkson is a former Governor General of Canada. Adrienne was born in Hong Kong and she was an immigrant. Therefore, I think she can clearly tell people what Canadian value is. In fact, I agree with her that she describes a Canadian is a person who are willing to accept others. Canada is a...


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