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Structural Principle of Flotation Devices

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Flotation equipment including mechanical agitation magnetic separator, two kinds of gas precipitation flotation machine.

Flotation cell (total cross-section air-lift micro bubble)1
Working principle: slime and medicament mixed well into the bottom of the groove to the first chamber of the flotation machine, the impeller rotates, a negative pressure chamber in the wheel, so that the bottom of the groove and the groove, respectively the slurry by impeller suction port and the suction port into the mixing zone, but also makes the air along the guide sleeve into the mixing zone of gas, pulp, air and medicine mix here. In the impeller centrifugal force, pulp mixed into the mineralized zone, and was crushed to form bubbles of air, full contact with the coal particles, the formation of mineralized bubbles and turbulence in the role of stator plates, evenly distributed in the tank section, and the upward movement into the separation zone, forming a foam layer enriched discharged from scratch foam body to form coal foam. Above the bottom of the coal particles will not mineralized suction again mixed, mineralization and separated by a loop hole and on. Part of the slurry tank beneath the impeller is not inhaled by the buried mines in the pulp in the box into the bottom slot of the second chamber, the first chamber after the completion of the whole process, and into the third room, flotation machine again and again, the pulp through the last a room after the final tailings discharged into the tailings box.

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