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The lexis that is used to present the overall feelings of war is slightly different in henry v and the three poems. In ‘suicide in the trenches’ Sassoon uses metaphors to demonstrate the true outline of war. The most important word he uses is ‘hell’, this metaphor is used to re present what the writer is feeling.‘hell’ was the worst thing you could ever want to happen to you, due to the religious nature of many during the war, which shows to the audience that many would rather die than experience it, ironic that during a war they are desperate to survive in battle but their living conditions and experiences are so bad that they would rather ‘put a bullet’ in their brains that continue. Sassoon wrote this poem during his military service and after he lost his brother. some may argue that if Sassoon sorrowfully lost his brother due to the war he may automatically have an anti-war feeling against it therefore his poems which are full of anger, melancholy and like an inferno is just a one sided opinion however, in ‘Dulce et decorum est.’ own uses oxymoron’s such as ‘ecstasy of fumbling’ this illustrates to the audience that maybe Sassoon’s poems are not one sided but just the true nature of war. the line ‘ecstasy’ is used to describe pleasure, this is contradicting the subject of what Wilfred Owen is trying to put across from his poem. he used the word ‘ecstasy’ ironically. nothing about war is felicity or blissful however ridiculously he uses a word which is used to mean euphoria and exhilaration even though he wants to describe an abhorrent and harrowing experience. ‘in the memoriam’ mackintosh uses language to show the truth of war. the phrase elucidate the feeling of lose. the line ‘the little helpless babies’ imports the audience that it was not just older men who fought in war but defenseless, unprotected : diminutive people. This is also demonstrated in ‘Henry V’ in the line ‘your naked infants’. when reading the description of infants involved in...


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