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Ben Mouton
Ms. Laroche
English 101
3 November 2010
This essays title really doesn’t do the article justice.   I really like the way that the author talks about George Bush. You can tell from the beginning that the author is not very fond of Bush or any of his policies or fond of the reasons that we are in Iraq in the first place.   I also like the way that the author describes our country as not its own nation; he describes it as two separate nations in one.   He describes our country as one that fights and one that doesn’t fight, in other words this means that the rich kids talk and strategize about the war while the kids in community colleges are the ones getting blown up.   Although the author bashes our great nation the reader is able to tell the great patriotism that the author portrays, the author of this article really hits the nail on the head when he talks about the death tolls from the Iraq War and the Vietnam War and the anti-war protests that go along with these wars.
The article states that one of the major factors in the lack of and anti-war protest is the death toll.   The death toll in the Iraq war so far is only 3000 troops compared to the 58,000 that were lost in Vietnam.   Also, of the 3000 that have died the media and the Bush Administration have done a great job of keeping the deaths and the death totals out of the media, which causes the American people to think of this war as a fictional or fake war.   In addition to the low death tolls, science has also saved a few thousands lives as well because of the great advancement in the battlefield medicine and the new procedures developed to operate on wounded soldiers.   The reason that there were so many anti war protests for the Vietnam War was because of the draft and being that there is no draft now there can be no anti-draft protests or any people going to war and dying unwillingly.  
Another big reason for the lack of an anti war protest is because of the desire for revenge, revenge is...


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