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The Future of Education

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The Future of Education
  Have you ever wondered how education has evolved over the years? This question depends on the numerous dimensions of how we view education as a whole. For example, if you think of education as a chance for learning and planning one’s future, you will find that it has not changed much, but if you look at the changes in methods, approaches, and techniques of teaching, you will find that a lot has changed over the years. (Ukessays, 2014)
  The greatest and most evident change in education systems and learning is the employment of computers. In the 1930s, the use of radios, televisions, filmstrip projectors, and record players was common by teachers during their teaching lessons. Nowadays, computers have dominated all those previous devices. Students are able to make their own research on the internet and are also able to answer some questions without the help of teachers. Even chalk boards and white boards in classrooms have been replaced by LCD projectors and smart boards. Education has gone digital, and the old fashioned classroom has been changed into a complete virtual system. (Ukessays, 2014)
  The most commonly used technology is the use of tablets, which are new types of internet-enabled computers that work like smart phones. At first, they were used for several reasons such as dedicated readers, finding specific locations, controlling a home automation system, and mostly for playing video games and connecting with people across the world. (Klosowski, 2014)
  Today, tablets are being used in classrooms instead of textbooks, the only component of old education that has remained until today. The use of tablets in classrooms may be a good idea, but students are unaware of the major problems that they might face when using tablets, especially young students. The issue of whether tablets should be used instead of textbooks in classrooms is very controversial and opens a huge debate.
    Why use tablets in classrooms? There are...


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