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Four Effective Measures

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mill liner bolts break very large impact on the mill will not only shorten the life of components, but also to reduce the mill's production capacity. The reason generally bolt fracture stress state of the bolt, the bolt material aspects, processing methods, a warehouse and other graded ball. Under several reasons for this Quarry Crusher, you can not change the bolt holes on the cylinder liner and the existing forms and materials of the case, from the following aspects in order to prevent the bolts breaking:
1) increase the risk of cross-sectional diameter of the bolt
existing dangerous section is the thread of the bolt, in order to avoid the thread bolts can grow 10 ~ 20mm, the bolt underneath two to three washers (depending on the liner bolt hole size). And add a high-pressure high-pressure paronite paronite pad 9 has a high strength and high temperature properties and is not afraid of water, this material doing gasket, to prevent leakage of material, but also has some buffering effect in the surface of the cylinder ).
2) labeled material is Q235-A level, namely the CPI general killed steel material on strict quality control
drawings. However, when the actual purchase, but just look at the material specification is often overlooked, so often an AF Q235 steel. Q235 and Q235 an AF-A compared to the internal structure of the steel is relatively pure, internal and external segregation lighter, and thus good impact toughness Portable Crusher, the measured tensile strength and yield strength are often higher than the Q235 an AF.
3) increase at the thread root radius, reducing the stress concentration
thread root stress concentration at the effect on the fatigue strength of the bolt's great. Increased root fillet radius can effectively reduce stress concentration, thereby improving the fatigue strength Portable Crusher, prolong the service life of the bolt. Allows the root fillet radius r = 0.18-0.22t (t of thread pitch).
increases the risk of cross-section and...


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