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The Issue of Japanese Military ‘Comfort Women” Korean Comfort Women and Narratives of the Nation

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Suffering History: The Issue of Japanese military ‘Comfort Women” Korean Comfort Women and Narratives of the Nation
The events that took place in the Second World War echo through the ages as one of the darkest atrocities to ever impact communities on a large scale. One of the issues that still affect the present society is the so called comfort women. The comfort women majorly consisted of Korean women. During the world war the Korean women and girls were forced into acts of prostitution and sexual slavery. During the period of Japanese colonization, the Japanese Imperial Army opted to provide women for their soldiers for fear that the growing aggression, discontentment of the soldiers that would lead to a riots and rape crimes.
At first, the service was advertised in Japanese newspapers that were circulated in Japan and in Japanese colonies. Japanese women volunteered for the service. However, the rising population of military staff created the need to obtain more women. The Imperial arm obtained women by coercing them into the established stations. The women were assured of job opportunities such as factory work or nursing jobs, whereas, others were induced by a large sum of money. Sadly, the women who fell for this coercion ended up incarcerated in concentration camps, where they were sexually harassed and raped.
The progression of the war further enhanced the demand to supply and maintain the comfort stations. The Ministry of foreign affairs viewed the use of Japanese women as an act that tarnished the image of Imperial Japan. As a result of this notion, the women were obtained from surrounding Japanese colonies that is, Korea, Taiwan, and China amongst others. Women were indiscriminately kidnapped and raped by the Japanese soldiers, particularly amongst the Chinese people. There is existing evidence of these acts of cruelty which include archived official documents and also testimonies from the victims of this sexual slavery.
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