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Innovation in Business

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Innovation in Business
Originating from Latin "innovare" innovation means "something new or different introduced. One of the earliest innovators was perhaps Leonardo da Vinci, whose 1300 pages of jottings of machines weren't really made use of in his time and who is still known primarily as an artist. Today however, many employers are hunting for employees with mindsets like Leonardo's. Innovation has become both a powerful tool and a valuable asset in business. Companies like Apple and Google who are praised for their innovativity have been dominating the market. There are many proposed answers to the question "What makes a company innovative?" In my essay, I will argue that the factors that make a company innovative are risk-taking and a qualified employment process.
A new idea in most cases, isn't seen as a good idea. But if companies want to be innovative, they shouldn't let risks scare them away. Being able to recognise fields of opportunity and successfully manuever into them is key for innovation. Take Amazon for example. Amazon started out as an online book store. Then, it expanded into a store for most consumer goods. A few years later, it grew into a marketplace for third party sellers, where ordinary people could put their belongings up for sale. Now, with Kindle which has sold more than 500,000 units, Amazon is transforming the way books are distributed to and read by people. In each step of Amazon's metamorphosis, it could have failed miserably. But they were good at identifying opportunities, implementing solutions and most of all they weren't afraid to take risks.
A company is made up of the people that work in it. For a company to be innovative, it needs to have a hiring process that makes sure recruits can fit into the working environment fast and actively contribute to the collective innovation. A qualified employment process not only looks for technical knowledge, it also tests the candidates' communication and multidisciplinary...


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