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Reflection on Australian Government Woking Requirment List

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By reading through the list, which is about the engineering skills expected by the Australian Government, I got a better understanding on what the real world need from us (software engineers) and what we should focus on and put more energy to during the two years master program. In this essay, I will express my understanding on the list, and then evaluate my existing skills within engineering to see how my skills fit into the list.
Overall, according to the list, the real world workplace needs us to be qualified on four aspects, including adequate knowledge of the field, effective communication skills, creativity and independence, and critical judgement. The four aspects define a valued and qualified engineer.
Knowledge is in the first place here. It is practically the fundamental of every industry. Without it, everything else is pointless and meaningless. A qualified engineering must have competent knowledge of his/her field of study as only sufficient breadth and depth of knowledge would enable understanding of the engineering contexts of current and future development in engineering. It also require us to appreciate the characteristics and importance of analysis, synthesis and design in engineering.
Behind Knowledge, the second place comes to effective communication. The communication here emphasises on the ability to communicate not only with engineering people but also with the community in a broad way. Specifically, it requires one to have the confidence to effectively utilize communication strategies across range of audiences in practice. Additionally, Ability to function effectively as either individual or team member with the capacity to be a leader or follower. Eventually, one’s effective communication skill contributes to successful team outcomes.
Independence and creativity identify an engineer’s ability to undertake complicated problem and lifelong learning as well as the ability to apply engineering knowledge and approaches to generate creative...


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