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Pomodoro Technique

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Pomodoro Technique
In the 1980s Francesco Cirillo created the Pomodoro Technique. It is one of the more popular times management strategies used today.   For every project, task, or item you have to do on your list you have 25 minutes to work on it. After time is up you have to take a 5-minute break. If you need more time then take another 25 minutes to work on the assignment if not, move on after the break. Once you have completed 4 sessions or pomodoro’s or 100 minutes of work with 15 minutes of breaks, one must proceed to taking a 15-20 minute break. These sessions are named after the Italian work for tomato, “pomodoro,” due to the tomato-shaped timer Cirillo used when executing this technique.   After every pomodoro mark your process with an “X” and take note on the number of times you wanted to procrastinate and change focus.
These breaks are meant to keep your mind fresh and focused. People have noticed a change in their study habits in as little as two days! Although to truly master this technique it takes seven to twenty days. As time goes on you learn how to focus in short periods, minimizing procrastination and maximizing work efficiency.
People from Wall Street Journal and The Unofficial Apple Weblog have become fans of this method. Commenting that they didn’t know how they would be able to complete everything in one day until they used the Pomodoro Technique. They also said it made them more relaxed when doing tasks and they spent half as much time on work as they normally would have to get the same thing done.
There is one down fall. If you only have twenty minutes, you can’t complete a pomodoro therefore you do nothing for that time. Also for some people this just doesn’t work. They get distracted, procrastinate and are unable to keep themselves focused with a timer ticking right beside them
This technique can be really helpful to the right person. It is worth a try and if it doesn’t work no big loss but at the same time if it does work you...


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