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Little Experiment

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Experiment 1a (Mission type)
Floating an egg in the middle of a solution
Materials (1 set):
  * 2 Raw eggs
  * 2 500ml beakers
  * ? grams table salt
  * 1 Glass rod
  * Water

1. Fill half of the beaker with water and ? gram salts.
2. Stir the solution with glass rod until no more salts can be dissolved.
3. Gently drop one of the eggs into the salt water, fill the remaining space of the beaker by water.


Experiment 1b (Mission Type)
Suck an egg into a bottle
Materials (1 set):
  * 2 boiled eggs
  * A glass bottle with an opening smaller than an egg
  * A piece of paper
  * Matches
  * Cooking oil or butter

1. Rub a little cooking oil/butter around the mouth of the bottle.,
2. Fold the piece of paper like an accordion.
3. Light the paper with a match and plunge it into the bottle.
4. Place the egg on the mouth of the bottle.


Experiment 2a
Lighting up a Light Bulb with Citrus Fruit (Lemon)
Materials (1 set):
  * 2 lemons
  * 4 pieces of zinc metal
  * 4 pieces of copper metal
  * 1 light bulb
  * 5 copper wires

1. Cut each lemon into 2 pieces.
2. Insert 1 zinc and 1 copper metal into each lemon respectively.
3. Connect the light bulb to the two electrodes with copper wires to form a closed circuit.

Experiment 2b
Discovering a Secret Message written by Lemon
Materials (1 set):
  * A cup of Lemon juice
  * A piece of Paper
  * Bunsen Burner
  * A pair of tongs

1. Write a message on the paper with lemon juice.
2. Exchange the paper with your friends
3. Heat the paper with Bunsen burner to find out the message.

Experiment 3
Blowing a balloon with yeast
Materials (1 set):
  * Yeast
  * Sugar
  * 2...


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