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Develepmental Autobiography

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Kyia’s Autobiography Developmental Paper
I was raised by both of my parents while growing up.   Both of my parents went to college and both of my parents had very successful careers.   It was no doubt that I had to follow in their footsteps.   They always helped with homework and always pushed me to do better.   Now that they see all that I have accomplished just at the age of 27, they know all of their hard work paid off.   My parents came from very poor families and not many college graduates.   They often had no money so they had to improvise a lot with a big family.   My parents were determined to make a better life for themselves.   I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan in a town called Dearborn Heights.   My dad was in the navy and my mom worked for the hospital.   I moved around a lot when I was growing up due to the military.   We finally settled in Michigan where I started high school.   My senior year my mom decided to move to Arkansas to be closer to her family.   I have 1 brother and 1 sister.   I am the middle child of the family.   Being the middle child had its good and bad occasions.   Often times I was the deciding factor on a lot of things since my brother and sister could never agree.   And often I was left out of things because simply they had forgotten about me.   This taught me to be self sufficient and independent.   I learned to do a lot of things on my own.   I have a two sons and a wonderful husband whose is also in the military.  
I am 5 foot 7 inches tall and I weigh about 160 pounds.   I think that I am average for my age.   I don’t consider myself obese or too skinny.   After I had my last child I weigh around 130 pounds.   I have been considered skinny all my life but I have learned to go with the flow because my body is at a very healthy weight.   As for my appearance I think that I am pretty.   I am told by men and women how beautiful I am and also my family.   My sister and brother are also good looking and were always complimented on their looks....


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