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Bang Bang You'Re Dead

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Some factors that contribute to Trevor’s anger are his parent’s consent nagging, the football team constantly bullying him by calling him names like “trash can” and physically bullying him also, it seemed that he didn’t have friends before Jenny came along. Although his new friends the “Trogs” showed him how they relieve their anger and that is going to an open area and shooting guns.
Many people get tattling and telling confused so, here’s the difference tattling is saying something with the intentions of getting someone in trouble, the problem isn’t important and no one is in danger or hurt. While telling is trying to keep themselves or other safe, the problem is important and someone is hurt or in danger. When tattling one puts themselves in a sticky situation where the person they told on might not be so ecstatic with them and might want to hurt them and get them back and you tend to feel guilty. When telling you end up helping the person that is hurt even if that person is hurt because of someone else and you tend to have a clean conscience. If I knew someone had a weapon on school property I probably wouldn’t break the code of silence just because I don’t know their intentions with weapon is, but if I knew the person was a threat to themselves I would break the code because they need help get better and life has its ups and downs and the person has so much to live for and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing that I didn’t do anything to prevent it.
The reason Trevor didn’t follow through with his suicidal plans is because he was talking to Jenny and she “risked” her reputation to become his friend even though he threatened the school and all the students and their parents are afraid of him.
Mr. Duncan casts Trevor as the role as “shooter” because he knows that Trevor will see himself   in the character and that he will see how his actions will haunt him for the rest of his life. When Mr. Duncan said, “Why don’t you decide who you are before...


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