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Blake Miller
February 20, 2015
Cause & Effect
Almost two-thirds of U.S adults’ ages 20 or older are overweight. 62% of women and 71% of men are overweight. What’s the cause for these gapping numbers? Why is America the most overweight country in the world?
It used to be that rich and fat were terms associated with people, not dessert. A portly shape, in fact, signaled the good life. Today, we often see the reverse scenario: the leaner your wallet, the fatter you are. Obesity is a condition where the fat layer accumulates in the body to a point where it becomes a health risk. The human body can afford to accumulate a little extra fat but when the fat accumulation exceeds the minimum extent, it interferes with the general health issues and becomes a cause of great concern. Statistics shown by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control Prevention), show that Mississippi, the poorest state in America, has the highest obesity rate. This is shown from low-income households. It results in purchasing fast food. Life expectancy is now decreasing in the south because of obesity. It would be easier for someone that comes from a wealthy family to lose weight rather than a person from a poor family. The person from the wealthy family can purchase healthy foods that are more expensive. The poor family wouldn’t be able to afford that so they purchase cheep fast food. This is what makes it so hard to change a persons way of eating.   School lunches also play a big part in child obesity. The food that these kids are getting fed is high in fat and cholesterol. Parents either don’t have the time to pack their kid a lunch everyday or enough money. Or maybe the parents don’t care enough to worry about what their kids’ are being fed.   Eating right is a big part of staying healthy. Another factor that goes into staying healthy is being active. For example: I’ll admit that I eat fast food at least two times a week. I also have wrestling practice everyday and lift after practice...


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